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"...and the luminous performance of Tegtmeier who sings as well as she acts and vice versa...The longing just oozes from Tegtmeier's 'Will He Like Me?' and her Amalia also instills a world of heartbreak into the sadly comical anthem to being stood up, 'Dear Friend'...One of the marvels of the show is watching Hinman and Tegtmeier become more personally drawn to each other as Amalia's blossoming attraction to Georg bursts forth in Tegtmeier's exuberant rendition of 'Vanilla Ice Cream.'" - Julio Martinez, VARIETY

"The thawing friction and eventual tenderness between Hinman and Tegtmeier is thoroughly convincing. Tegtmeier's voice is superbly expressive and musical." - Philip Brandes, LA TIMES



"...with her extraordinary singing voice, Treva Tegtmeier is a torrid Lola whose lush sexiness makes 'Whatever Lola Wants' more a promise than a parody!" - F Kathleen Foley, LA TIMES

"Treva Tegtmeier is a hit as sultry seductress Lola. She covers the whole field, from a little pouty to a little lusty, in 'A Little Talent,' and though she doesn't get Joe's heart and soul in 'Whatever Lola Wants,' she has no trouble grabbing his and our attention! - Terri Roberts, BACKSTAGE WEST, Critic's Pick



"Tegtmeier mingles wistful desperation with delicacy of feeling..." -

"Tegtmeier's layered acting - equal parts moxie, angst and heartbreak - make her Lizzie a monumental achievement...Tegtmeier has the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand from the moment she arrives on stage." -

"The wonderful Tegtmeier makes a welcome return to the stage, investing Lizzie with equal parts aching loneliness and indomitable spirit in a performance of dramatic power and depth, with just enough self-depricating humor to season the mix, and a soprano by turns delicate and dramatic." -stagescenela



"Tegtmeier's work, simple and true, seems born of an all-consuming dedication to individual moments which when compiled render a character arc that is the very essence of believability." - Dink O'Neal